A Great Gift for a Race Fan

One of my friends is a huge Formula One fan, so for his birthday we decided to do a few things for him. We got him tickets to watch a race in person, and we got him a cake that was shaped like a car. The cake was much bigger than a normal cake and even had wheels that could turn. It was hard keeping this all a secret from him, because he’s the kind of person who likes to snoop around until he finds out exactly what people are planning for his birthday. He’s discovered what we’ve planned for him in the past and it’s ruined everything, although he didn’t seem to mind.

On his birthday, we blindfolded our friend and told him that we would be taking him to a special place that no one else knew about. He kept asking questions along the way in an attempt to figure out where we were taking him, but he couldn’t figure it out. Once we got to the race, we removed the blindfold and he became excited. This was his first time seeing a race in person, and it showed. He took pictures of everything he could fit into his focus. I think he even took a picture of a tire that was just sitting on the ground.

The race was pretty great, and when my friend saw the cake that we had made for him, he was even happier. He wanted to eat one of the wheels of the cake especially. Although we had done something really great for his birthday, I was worried that we wouldn’t be able to do something that would top it the next year. He would be easily able to guess that we were bringing him to a race if we did it again.