The Right Time To Run

A major dilemma for some runners is what time of day should they run. Runners should find the time when they are at their best, if possible, to get their run in. For some runners, it may be early morning. For some, it may be in the evenings. And, then there are those that run during their lunch hour. Here are some tips regarding what time may be best for you to run.

Personally, I’m a morning runner. I know that I can get my run in then and not have things pop up during the day that may keep me from going as long as I want. Running in the morning also gives you energy that will last throughout the day. But, if you are not a morning person – running in the morning could be pure torture. And, you don’t want that. After a while, if you don’t get used to being so active in the morning – you may quit running altogether.

There are some runners that like to run during their lunch break. They like the break that it gives them during their work day. It can also give you the energy that you need to get through the second half of their work day. However, if you only have ½ hour or so for lunch, it may be hard to get your run in and get cleaned back up in time.

Many runners choose to run after work or in the evenings. They like the fact that they can erase the stress from their work day before they head home. And, if you run with others, it usually works to meet in the evenings. The downside of evening running is that you never know what may happen during the day. An emergency meeting after work, a presentation that has to be done by morning – you get the idea. Your run can be cut short or even postponed altogether. However, if can be a great time to run.

Basically, it’s a question that only you can answer. It’s up to you and your personality as to when you run. I love my morning runs! Getting energized for my day – and just the peacefulness of morning running is works for me. And, then the beauty of running as the sun in coming up. Whatever time you run, remember the most important thing is to just get o